Sunday, January 31, 2016

CNQ Radio Podcast Episode #2

36 minutes of sound, starting with an 80s goth rock b-side and ending with a 60s psychedelic classic. In between there's new Peruvian psych, 60s French pop, 70s British funk, some new rock'n'roll, and a couple of other good songs.    

Forrest McCullough: excerpt from "Flight F-I-N-A-L"
Sex Gang Children: “Children’s Prayer”
Kanaku y El Tigre: “Quema Quema Quema”
Shiela: “Bang-Bang”
Cymande: “Listen”
Doctor Nod: “Automatic Switch”
Mommy Long Legs: “Weird Girl”
Macha: “The Buddha Nature”
Damien Youth: “Light That Shines”
Dr. John The Night Tripper: “I Walk On Guilded Splinters”

Download CNQ Radio #2

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Punk Out To The Max: French Crust, Puerto Rican Resistance, Synth-Punk from Dallas, Grindcore from the UK, and Wisconsin Fuzz

HC crust from France. This was released all the way back in 2004:

Puerto Rico's Enrique Lópe heads Krampus Records, is the Madd Blake of Madd Blake y Los Stalins, and has put out a lot of great stuff in the past few years. Here's a new project of his called República Bananera, "Resistance Songs From A Pre-Apocalyptic Puerto Rico":

Cool post-punk from Dallas, off an LP available on their bandcamp page. This is from last October:

Let's get down to it with this extreme heaviness from a UK band called Brainshit. This will be out soon, from a split cassette release along with a band called Anti-Social Behavior, courtesy the Mind Ripper Collective:

Fuzzy, poppy punk from Madison, Wisconsin. This was put out in 2011:

Friday, January 29, 2016

Adam Holtz: Volume 21 (2016)

Adam Holtz, CNQ's fave classic rocker from Alabama, has a new set of 22 songs put together, all written and performed by him. It's his strongest CD yet. Here's a sampler:

Listen and download:

For Life

Or: For Life

All Fired Up

Or: All Fired Up

Back To '64

Or: Back To '64

Thursday, January 21, 2016


HC with a little post-punk in it from Minneapolis:

A lot of post-punk and a little hc in this Wire-esque track, also from Minneapolis. I featured a track off this album, "Human Exploration," back in December, and Boston Hassle did a good review of the record back in July 2015. Here's another track from the album:

Here's some HC from Austin, courtesy London's Static Shock:

Arkansan first rate freak out artist and CNQ main man Dr. Nod just uploaded 6 tracks of unearthed material from 2014. Garage-psych sleeze-pop yeh!

Todayshits from Lexington has a new album out, chock-full of short little lo-fi psych-pop ditties:

More psych-pop, this from France and La Rochelle's Frantic City Records:

Sweden's Impo and the Tents have a new 7" out on Berlin's Alien Snatch! Records. This was actually put back in September I guess, but it's new to me. Sugary fourth wave power pop:

From power pop to grindcore. These angry fellows are from France, and this is new, off a split with the Indonesian band Proletar (the second song is by Proletar), on Massachusett's Give Praise Records:

Cool piece of punk rock history here from LA's Frontier Records bandcamp page:

"In the late '70s, Dangerhouse Records--that most legendary of punk rock labels--released a handful of indispensable 7-inches and two 12-inches: records that everyone knows, worships and collects. One of the 12-inches was Black Randy's Pass the Dust, I Think I'm Bowie, and the other, released in 1979, was the one-sided, six-song, silkscreened picture EP, Yes L.A.

"The title was a take-off on the seminal No Wave compilation album released a year earlier, No New York, and the Dangerhouse kids even went so far as to include the disclaimer "Not produced by Brian Eno" on the record. The original was limited to 2,000 copies, every one screened by hand and packaged in a clear bag with a white cardboard backing.

"2013: Frontier has taken great pains to reproduce every detail of the original EP, from the ink to the bag and cardboard, right down to custom-cut mylar seals for the flap. Still, there are a couple of differences: for example, there were only 1,000 of these made rather than the original's run of 2,000. As for the rest, we'll let you discover them for yourself.

Available in your choice of red on green, blue on green or black on green."

Here's the whole thing, this is great!

Alright, in near-future posts I've got more January releases coming, plus new Adam Holtz. And just in case you didn't know, that Black Randy and the Metrosquad album is available in full on Youtube. I just listened to the whole thing for the first time a few days after Bowie died.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rock'n'Roll is Fur-Ever

I've been wanting to do a podcast radio show for a while now, inspired by the always excellent Best Table in Hell and Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Since I was a kid I've always liked the radio and making mix tapes and I'm not sure why I didn't end up a disc jockey.
So now that I've got the first show out of the way (you can download it here, warts and all), I'm excited to start work on another one. Hopefully I'll get better at it as time goes on.
Meanwhile back on the blog here, I've got some new Adam Holtz to bring you, I need to get caught up on new releases for the month from bands and labels I keep track of, as well as a few submissions, and of course the ever-present specter of the obscure 45s and LPs I horde. I have good intentions of sharing those on here, but I'm lazy and the cat's always on top of the record player when I'm writing a post. I don't want to disturb her.
So anyway, before I get to all of the aforementioned and more, here's a quick mix of new and new-ish rock'n'roll from Bandcamp:
Live garage rock from France, this was put out in December:

Arkansan sleeze-pop from 2014:

The lowest of fi from Pennsylvania:

And more outsider lo-fi action from Florida. This and the above song are off brand new albums from the respective artists:

Sunday, January 17, 2016

CNQ Radio Podcast, Episode #1

Hey check it out, it's my first full podcast! I'll do one a month, at slightly over 35 minutes an episode. Just an excuse for me to make another mixtape.

Dowload it here: CNQ Radio Show #1

Mildred Bailey: "All Too Soon"
Madd Blake y Los Stalins: "Nazis Bombing USA"
Simo Soo: "Hold On We're Going Home (Drake Cover)"
Princess Ramona: "Lover for a Night"
Dirty Charlie: "The Masturbator"
Buck Biloxi and the Fucks: "Weirdos on the Street"
Lumpy and the Dumpers: "Noxious"
Les Chats Sauvages: "Cousine-Cousine"
The Box Tops "People Gonna Talk"
The Journeymen: "Black Girl"
Sleater-Kinney: "One Song for You"
Guided By Voices: "Jar of Cardinals"
Shirley Bassey: "Where Do I Begin (Love Story)"

Sunday, January 10, 2016

CNQ Podcast!?!

Trying out a podcast. Here's 13 and a half minutes of tunes.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

All New Vinyl Releases From Bandcamp

All of these tracks are on recently released vinyl you can order on Bandcamp. I should say more often but I think with the amount I post from it it's implied: Bandcamp is the best site on the Internet, if you love new music. Usually I focus on the punk releases but for 2016 I want to branch out a little, ya know?

From a British label called Muj, I assume Matt Love is British as well. This hip-hop was put up on Bandcamp yesterday and you can order a 7" featuring this song and the instrumental from the page:

Twee-Soul from Salt Lake City:

In the same vein, from Portugal:

Melodic indie pop from Philly:

You can pre-order this two song flexi from Euro-label Slimer Records. Psychomagic is from LA and the laid-back, cool-ass instrumental second track is from Italy:

Finally, this December release from Barcelona's Nueva Fuerza isn't available on vinyl but it's cool hardcore's the whole EP, clocks in around 10 minutes or under:

Weirdo Lo-Fi from Sweden and Japan, Garage-Psych from France, No-Wave from Brisbane, Argentinian Hardcore Punk, Jangle-Pop from D.C., and All Kinds of Punk from All Over Creation.

While waiting for Total War: SHOGUN 2 to dl on Steam (currently on sale for $12.49 and supposedly the pinnacle of the Total War games), I thought I'd finish up on December releases from bands and label I follow. These monthly updates might be getting a little repetitive, with a rotation of the same bands and labels every update. I'm working on that. Meanwhile, here's more of what you've come to expect from a standard CNQ update.

This awesome oddball lo-fi pop is the new solo project of Martin Månsson Sjöstrand, frontman of Sweden’s Dog, Paper, Submarine. Comes courtesy of perennial CNQ favorite Manx label Small Bear Records:

More weirdo lo-fi, this from Japan. I've featured Boys Age a lot in 2015. Cool, weird stuff:

No-wave from Brisbane's Moontown Records. I'm not sure where the band Bent is from though:

Glasgow freak-out:

Garage-psych from France:

More garage-psych by Boys, off a PNKSLM 2015 End of the Year Sampler:

Great jangle with a new video from Washington DC's Dot Dash:

Feminist punk from Olympia:

And more, this from a Bridge Nine 2015 compilation. War on Women are from Baltimore and I'll mention again, are a great live show:

New power pop from from Sweden. This sounds like it's from 1983 but I think it is new:

From Fort Wayne, Indiana:

Found this Argentinian crusty hardcore courtesy France's Crapoulet Records. This was released back in October:

Finally, this is from Puerto Rico's Krampus Records, who brought us one of my fave new bands of 2015, Madd Blake and the Stalins.

Catching Up On December Releases: Hardcore Punk, Powerviolence, Peruvian Psych, and a 60s Soul Re-Issue

This covers the first 10 or so days of the best December releases from Bandcamp artists and labels I follow. Let's start with an excellent new 60s soul/funk 7" re-issue from Germany's Tramp Records. Sid Wallace was from St. Louis:

NYC HC from Toxic State records. The Grave Mistake Records update calls this self titled 5-song 7" "essential." Check it out:

California HC. Whole 11 song album is killer, but here's just one track:

The UK's Mind Ripper Collective has this split between powerviolence acts Endless Swarm (from Edinburgh) and Dallas' Pavel Chekov available as pay what thou wilt. Here's the whole dang thing, clocks in maybe even a little under 10 minutes:

More groovy Peruvian neo-psych from Kanaku Y El Tigre and Tiger's Milk Records:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Strange Brew

First up, Jay and the gang over at Dynamite Hemorrhage have posted their first show of 2016. An hour's worth of quality weirdo and underground punk rock radio over there.

I found this courtesy of Nashville's Nervous Nelly Records facebook feed. Long Gone is from Boston, and it's Shannon from Nervous Nelly and folks from two bands called Curmudgeon and Disipline. It's alt-rock with a bit of a twang to it, Silver Jews-esque:

The label Song, By Toad put out my favorite comp of 2015, David Cameron's Eton Mess. Plastic Animals is from Edinburgh and Song, By Toad will be releasing their new album Pictures From the Blackout in February. Cool alt/krautgaze:

Here's the aforementioned Curmudgeon. Hardcore from all the way back in 2013:

And here's Disipline, queer BDSM punk! This is from a split cassette with a band called Stranger, released this past April. Totally rockin':

Here's a song off the Strangers side of that cassette. All of these bands are from Boston:

Also from Boston, hep R&B from Kenya born, Uganda, Canada and Boston raised Pastel:

Off Total Punk Records, the band is from New Orleans:

Horsebastard is from Liverpool. This is the video for a new song from a December released split with Madrid's Rageous Intent:

Always a pleasure to hear new hip-hop from Austin's Mirage512:

Finally, some more rad weirdness from outsider artiste Howard Blake:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Punk Rock Mixtape

I'll begin the New Year with a little weird-o synth-punk from Rome:

These next four bands are all playing at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth on Monday, Jan. 11. That should be a good show. This is Burp! from Pennsylvania:

Elix-R is a Denton band, this is from a demo released back in November. I think I've featured them on CNQ before:

Crazy Spirit has had a lot of blog press over the last five or so years:

From Fort Worth, this was released back in May:

More new sounds and old records to come, as always.