Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rock'n'Roll from Bandcamp

Some albums and a couple of singles with accompanying b-sides for me to listen to tomorrow. I don't feel like typing tonight so if you're interested in any of the tunes, follow the appropriate link over to Bandcamp to find out more about it. Engage lazy blogging:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Podcast Episode #8

Mitey Head: “Jesus Got Paid” (1993)
Neutral Fixation II: “Living In The Back” (2016)
Eat My Fear: “Accountability” (2016)
ROHT: “Ekki Snerta Mig” (2016)
Neo Cons: “Brain Drain” (2013)
Bastards: “Monticello” (1989)
Purple: “Beach Buddy” (2014)
Doctor Nod: “Trip Along” (2016)
Pale Kids: “Sick (For A While)” (2016)
Joseph Tonelli: “Dust and Snow” (2016)
GAR GAR: “King Cake Baby (feat. C-Tizzle)” (2016)
Thin Skin: “Sloppy (live)” (2015)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CNQ Podcast #7

A heavy dose of new Americana, plus some darkwave and psych, classic jazz and a dash of kbd punk.

Monkberries: “My Little Baby Loves Her Rock And Roll” (2015)
Joseph Tonelli: “Wolf In Your Blood” (2016)
Ben Collier: “Everwannaleave” (2016)
Shivering Timbers: “Generations” (2012)
Vāmācāra: “Satanic Ritual Dungeon Found In Chuck-E Cheese” (2016)
Scrambled Limbs: “Bamboozled” (2016)
Clifford Brown and Max Roach: “Delilah” (1955)
Thin Skin: “Trump Is A Pig” (2015)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

CNQ Podcast Episode #6

I forgot to post the latest episode of the CNQ Podcast when it went live last Thursday, so here it is, just in case you missed it. 30 minute episode, here's the tracklist:

Gil Mack and the Sandpipers (Vox), Jimmy Carroll and Orchestra: Ruff and Reddy (1959)
Krankjoram: “They Treat Me Like I’m Still 16” (2015)
Quod Massacre: “Quod Massacre” (1986)
Seres: “masmasmasmasmasmasmasMASIVO” (2015)
thin skin: “Mr. C” (2015)
Gar Gar: “Meximelt666” (2016)
Shivering Timbers: “Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down” (2012)
Kuken: “Pretty Dull” (2015)
Threat.Meet.Protocol.: “Forget Her” (2016)
Wolf Luv: “Water World” (2016)
Garry Miles (Buzz Cason): “Look For A Star” (1960)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

35 Denton Festival: Sunday

If you're still in town Sunday afternoon for 35 Denton, you might want to check out Drone Church, an afternoon showcase featuring different experimental electronic musicians, at Sprockets Bike Shop. Might be interesting. Meanwhile, here's the last of the Fest's bands that worth checking out:

Male hip-hop from Denton:

Female hip-hop from Dallas:

LA's Son of Stan is cool:

Rock'n'Roll from Philly:

Rock'n'roll from Denton:

Garage rock from Louisville, Kentucky:

Rock en Español from California:

Indie rock from New York:

Nervous Curtains are a post-punk band from Dallas and I've featured them on the blog before:

Post-punk, also from New York:

Post-punk from Cophenhagen:

Jazzy singer-songwriter stuff from Denton. This is from 2012:

Country-rock from Texas -- everything I've heard from Ratley so far I've enjoyed:

Shoegaze/dream pop all the way from Israel:

Garage psych from Norman, Oklahoma:

Here's something different from Denton, experimental, instrumental, kind of like score music for a film:

Anyway, so, there's a lot more bands playing. Some bands I couldn't find online and others I wasn't as into as the ones above. Biz Markie's playing at 8:30. Denton's a fine town. Have fun, and don't litter!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

35 Denton Festival 2016: Saturday

Some bands and such you might want to check out on Saturday, if you're up there:

Folk rock from Akron:

Rock'n'roll from Denton:

Fun punk...from Monaco!?!

Post-punk from Houston:

This is an old video/song and the sound is pretty low, but Cornhole should be cool to catch. Their album "Hornswoggled" is on Google Play Music so probably on Spotify too; worth checking out:

From Monroe, Louisiana, one man band who, according to the bandcamp page, wears an alligator mask and plays with three inanimate objects. Here's a song he wrote about Slayer's Jeff Hanneman:

Shoegazey alt from Brooklyn:

Pretty tune from Argentina:

Singer song-writer rocker from Denton:

Relaxed indie pop from Denton:

Grungey rock'n'roll from Beaumont, Texas:

Bluesy alt-rock from Fort Lauderdale:

More rock'n'roll, this from New York:

Indie rock from Dallas:

This is what's up -- KBD-esque punk from Denton:

I'm into this electro-punk from California:

Finally, soul from Brooklyn:

Whew! That's not near all the bands playing on Saturday, just the ones that appealed to me.

Monday, March 7, 2016

35 Denton Festival 2016: Friday Evening

Denton 35 is focusing more on local music this year, with a lot of bands playing around the square (that's the downtown area to you and me) of that Texas college town this Friday-Sunday. Here's some bands you might check out Friday night.

Pearl Earl plays fuzzy garage psych, they're from Denton:

Tacocat from Seattle you know about already, assuming you're hep. They've got a new album due out in April, here's a couple of tracks from it:

Experimental punk from Denton:

Odd indie-pop from Denton:

I'm excited to finally get to see Dallas' synth-punkers, seres, who sing in Spanish:

Singer-songwriter duo from Denton:

Alt-Country from Denton:

More Americana/singer-songwriter stuff, from Dallas:

Rock duo from Denton:

More rock, also from Denton:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Clean Nice Quiet Episode #5

Track List for Episode #5:

The Traits: “Nobody Loves The Hulk” (1969)
Jeff Joffrion: “Jesus Is A Soul Man” (1969)
The Crusaders: “Put It Where You Want It” (1972)
King Sunny Adé and His African Beats: “Maajo” (1983)
The Nomadic Homes: “Suddenly Feasible” (2016)
Bummers Eve: “I Want Your Drugs” (2016)
Wildspeaker: “Abrupt Decay” (2015)
Svordom: “Poltetaan Patria” (2015)
Wondercat: “The We Kiss (Live at SeaWorld)” (2016)
Threat.Meet.Protocol.: “The Garden” (2016)
Fatty Cakes and the Puff Pastries: “Pizza GF” (2015)
Total Abuse: “The New Man” (2016)
Broken Prayer: “Colors” (2015)
Uranium Club: “The COllector” (2015)
Titan Blood: “Weird Territory” (2011)
Mourn: “Marshall” (2015)
Boys Age: “Lust for Loss of Life” (2016)
Triathalon: “Swells” (2014)
Internt Oppgjor: “(I am) Diagnosis” (2016)
Dead Gakkahs: “Summer Never Comes Again” (2016)
The Kitsches: “Fence Sitter” (2016)
Blank Spell: “Larval” (2016)
Crazy Spirit: “Parade” (2016)
The Troggs: “Our Love Will Still Be There” (1966)
Jerri Colter: “You Mean To Say” (1976)
Sleater-Kinney: “Heavy When I Need It” (2015)
The Bordellos: “Bring Me The Head of the Disco King” (2016)
Goon Squad: “Hospice Manor” (2016)

Walter Jurman: “A Better World To Live In” (1967)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

File Under: Better Late Than Never

Here's a best-of-January collection of EPs and one full length from labels and bands I follow on Bandcamp.

Sauna Youth's song Transmitters, off their 2015 album Distractions, was one of my favorite songs from last year. These two songs are off a new 7" you can purchase from Upset the Rhythm. The A-Side, The Bridge, is from Distractions but the B-side, Blurry Images, is new to me:

This is neat, from Atlanta's Chunklet Industries, a four song 7" from various artists, "one of a small stack of random copies left over from the pressing," with only 5 left at this writing, per their Bandcamp page. The Black Lips, Baby Shakes, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, and Coffin Bound. From 2009:

From Minneapolis, this is the first song off a new 5 song cassette put out by Lawn Chair Records:

21 song comp from Portland's Resurrection Records:

Fun French punk from French DIY punk label No Glory Records:

And that's my best of Bandcamp updates from January. I know it's March. What do you want from me?